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So much!

First this happened…Image

I spent spring break here…Image

Then this happened…Image

I turned…


photo by kirstyhall

I spent part of the summer here…Image

And finally I started my graduate studies here!

Imagephoto of Marquette University by Gruenamann

I was blessed to receive a full teaching assistantship to Marquette University, where I am paid a stipend and receive free tuition towards my Master’s degree in exchange for teaching first year English, i.e., Comp and Rhetoric, to 19 amazing students! While it isn’t the Doctoral program in Chicago I was hoping for, I am able to stay in my hometown with my family and be part of a wonderful program at a top-notch university. I also realize three weeks in that there is no way I would have been able to handle the rigors of a PhD program without a Master’s degree first. While a humbling experience, God has a way of putting me right where I belong!

Stay tuned…