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41biP9KM9JL._AA160_Hello everyone,

I would apologize to you for not posting in such a long time, but that would be a lie; I’m not truly sorry.

When one’s life is structured to the extent that a college student’s is, and everything becomes a “must do,” and said student finally reaches the end of the semester and is facing a six week break from the “musts” of life, they lose their minds a bit.

For example…I had pecan crescent Christmas cookies for breakfast this morning. Powdered sugar melts on my tongue in utter decadence. Happy New Year to me!

Long preface short, I found a wonderful literary quote for my next tattoo. You see, this year, 2013, come July, I will have lived on this planet for half a century. I can’t begin to count the wonderful experiences I have filled my life with thus far, and I can’t wait to see what the next fifty years will bring!

This May I will graduate with my BA in English Literature and hopefully embark on my next exciting adventure called grad school. I have marked some of the greater milestones of my life with small, discreet, tattoos, and I think I have found the one I want to celebrate this momentous year with.

It is a quote from the British author, Zadie Smith, from her inaugural novel written in the year 2000 called, White Teeth, and it goes like this:

“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”

Like my beloved professor, Dr. Paula Reiter, I can’t resist the “zing” a play on words gives my brain! This quote is literary, like the field I love, eludes to the verb tenses that for some reason make sense to me in French, and represent the way my half century has gone thus far in a funny, ironic, and hopeful manner.

Wishing you all future perfect tenses this year and always,