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Well I promised you pictures and narrative from my trip to Door County at the end of last month, but I realized I have so much info that I’m going to need to break it up into “mini posts” or segments for it not to be an overwhelming read!

I’ll begin by saying that I fell in love with Washington Island off the tip of Door County Wisconsin about 15 years ago. My first husband and I were on a vacation from the kids one autumn weekend on the peninsula and had driven down this lonely road, HWY Q, looking for Cana Island Lighthouse. This suicidal pheasant shot in front of the car, and my ex slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting it.  Low and behold, tacked to a tree next to the car was a sign advertising land for sale. On a whim, we got one of those free real estate flyers and quickly realized we couldn’t afford anything on the mainland, but Washington Island was another story. We contacted an agent, jumped on the ferry, and fell in love with the place.

We managed to buy five acres of land there on a land contract with the hope that someday we would be able to build a house on it for our retirement. We would go up with our kids several times a year and camp on the land, even in winter! My kids grew up spending vacations on the island, and it was wonderful.

This is me! I’m buying five acres of land during deer hunting season! I look awesome in blaze orange! -NOT

Unfortunately, life has a way of happening, and we divorced and were forced to sell the land. It was very sad and hard for all of us.

Fortunately, life goes on and I’m happy to report that my ex and I are better friends now then when we were married. I am also happy because I have a wonderful new husband, Jim, who I married last May, who loves the island as much as my kids and I do. We also hope to buy a piece of land there someday, so I just may get my retirement house yet! Although… Jim is talking a Yurt. Hmmmmm…we’ll have to see about that!

My husband Jim in Jackson Harbor on Washington Island

So to start you off, here are some pictures of Washington Island – Past.

My littlest camper, Sophia. Now a freshman in high school!

My boys, Michael and Colin, and their cousins, Josh, Jason, and Andy, LOVED to play at School House Beach in Washington Harbor. Now all five are grown men. Time sure flies!

Sometimes pirates would leave maps in our shed as to where they buried their treasure on our land. Smart little map readers like Sophia and her cousin Spencer always found what they were looking for with the help of big sister, Cassandra.

Colin, now 22, still is my great fire builder.

Sophia still loves frogs.

The boys spent hours building elaborate forts out of saplings.

Hanging out in the hammock.

Winter camping with the family. Brrrr!

Stay tuned!