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So many Lit classes, so little time left!

Today was my very last advising meeting as an undergrad. I just got clearance for the final semester of my senior year, and the feelings are bittersweet. I have a great sense of accomplishment in what I have already done along with a feeling of wonder at how fast this time has gone by. There’s a tingling anticipation laced with a healthy dose of fear of what my grad school years will bring, and a sense of sadness at all that I am leaving behind here at Mount Mary. I have made so many friends and met so many wonderful and nurturing professors who have literally carried me along my educational path on their broad and knowledgeable shoulders. I don’t feel like I’m just graduating college next May; I feel like I’m leaving my home and family.

So what does one think about when day dreaming about the last semester of senior year? Coasting by taking fun classes because you got all your core and pre-reqs done? Parties, spring fever, and senior skip day? Picking out that perfect pair of heels for under your graduation gown? Class rings and yearbooks to sign?

How about let’s add a minor at the last minute? How about course-overloading to 19 – 21 credits? “Sure! There’s time to get that internship done! No problem!”

Oh. My. God. What have I done? My lovely theology professor pointed out that I’m only four credits away from a minor. Only four credits? Well then I just HAVE to pick those up somehow; it’s a minor to add to my English Lit major after all! And what carrot did she dangle in front of my nose to get me to go for this insanity? Offering to induct me into the Theology Honors Society, of course! What is it about those three little Greek words that mean so much to me? I’ll admit it…it’s the honor cords I get to wear on my graduation gown.  My sarcastic husband likes to tell me that I will need hand maidens to walk along side me to bear the weight of all my accolades when I graduate. (Hey! Don’t be a hater! I work hard for those awards!)What he doesn’t know is that I kind of LIKE the idea of hand maidens; does anyone know of any I could hire?

{Gulp!} 21 credits…along with my 3 day-a-week job at the hospital…and family…and a life…and SLEEP! {Sob!} Well, never fear, this smart cookie did some finessing, and I’m going to combine my 2 credit internship between the English and Theology departments by working with the Theology professor as a teacher’s aide of sorts. Those 2 credits will be doing double duty, just like me! I really wanted my internship to concern teaching, as that is what my ultimate career goal is, and, fortunately, my professors seem to love the idea. Whew! I’ll be taking those 21 credits down to 19 after all. And what many of you may not realize is that when you go over the normal 18 credits, you have to pay for the extra credits, and readers, this isn’t cheap! As it is, I’m looking at another maybe $1000 in tuition just for the one extra credit; three would have been very cost prohibitive.

So I’m going for it! Call me crazy; you won’t be the first. The bottom line is that I love to learn, so why wouldn’t I jump at the chance to work with a beloved professor and friend? Now the choice becomes which independent study topic should I do with her? Medievil Christian Women or Christian Mystics? Both sound fascinating to me. Oh, and did I mention that my professor and I are calling this “The Theology Minor and Food Tour?” That’s right…we’re meeting once a week at local restaurants for lunch and reflective discussion. Feed me, and I will come.

The moral of this post is that while I won’t have time to coast and enjoy as much as I wanted to for my last semester, I will be doing the learning that I love with people I respect and enjoy and eating great lunches too! Bonus! I won’t go hungry, and I’ll get to fill up my mind as well as my tummy, and isn’t that what learning is all about? I’ll still try to do some “senior things” next spring, but I’m nothing if not a multi-tasker. Talk to any non-traditional student, and he or she will tell you that multi-tasking is the name of the game. Embrace your educational opportunities, beloved readers, you won’t regret it!