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– photo by kellinahandbasket

It’s that time of year again. Time for the leaves to fall from the trees, swirling past my windows in the cooling autumn breezes. Time for little kids to dress up in spooky costumes and brave the wilds of their neighborhoods, imperiling their lives to collect treats. Time for pumpkin carving, bonfires, corn mazes, and hayrides.

Time to take the Graduate Record Examination.

Who’s afraid of the GRE? I am!

Every senior college student gong on to grad school is. In fact, if they truly wanted to scare the begeezus out of patrons in the area haunted houses, they’d make them take the GRE in order to escape with their lives. The guy with the chainsaw is a snap! Being forced into a chair in front of a computer screen for approximately five hours to take an exam covering everything I’ve ever learned?

Now THAT’S frightening!

And so worth the $175 price of admission. Every great haunted house should make you feel as if you escaped with your life, and the GRE test stations are no exception. If you’re really lucky, you’ll escape with your academic life. That is, a score high enough to get into the grad school of your dreams.

Oh wait… that’s probably another terrifying haunted house that takes years to escape. One filled with the ghosts and goblins of terrifying professors, long convoluted academic research papers, and that ultimate hall of mirrors where you have to defend your dissertation to a bunch of distorted clown faces resembling Chuckie more than the best of academia. And the ultimate prize is to {Gulp!} become one of them, trapped in the haunted house of higher education forever.

photo by shane o mac

photo by shane o mac

So why am I putting myself through this?  Because Halloween is my favorite holiday, of course! Stay tuned…tomorrow evening I’m visiting the dungeon of doom where they house the dreaded GRE. Pray that I make it out alive…