As previously mentioned, I am having a hard time focusing this semester. Call it senioritis or acquired ADD. With so few days being work and school free, the last thing I feel like doing on my rare day off is homework, especially since one of my classes is a lighter version of a tech writing class I took last semester. The work feels repetitious to me. I’m also taking a novels class where the book selection wouldn’t have been my first choice. Suffice it to say that short of chaining myself to my desk chair, I am very easily distracted. I pop up and down like a Jack-in-the-Box every time some new crisis pops into my head that can’t do without my immediate attention. So for your perusal and enjoyment, a list of inventive ways to leave your homework:

  • Laundry! You gotta have clean clothes, right? So does everyone else in the house.  Wash, dry, fold, repeat.
  • Move the sprinkler! We’ve had quite the drought in southern Wisconsin this summer, and I can’t have all my expensive plants die and all my hard work go to waste, right?  This activity chews up at least five minutes every half hour.
  • Freeze the ripe tomatoes in the garden! Well, this might be too much of a project to get into the day before homework is due, but in a pinch, go for it!
  • When’s the last time I took a shower? Yesterday? Hmmmm. I better go take one. And of course I have to blow-dry my hair right after, or it turns into a frizzy mess. Got to look my best while hitting the books!
  • Should I write another blog post yet?
  • Speaking of which, my keyboard needs cleaning.
  • Oh, man, is my desk dusty! Better take care of that, too.
  • Maybe coffee will wake me up. Go brew some.
  • Out of creamer, I better head to the store. What else do I need from the store?
  • Hair dye! My roots are showing. I better work that in before the shower.
  • Did I make the bed? I hate getting into an unmade bed at night.

Oh, super fun! The chipmunk is teasing Nicky again!

  • Pretty sure my dishwasher needs unloading.
  • …and while I’m at it I may as well load it with the dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Have I vacuumed recently? There’s dog hair everywhere!
  • Brush the dog.
  • I need to text my oldest to see how her pregnancy is going this week.
  • Maybe a phone call would be better.
  • I wonder if Jim is having fun watching the Packer game?

Go Pack! Thank God the regular refs are back. I was worried that he was going to stroke out during the Seattle game!

  • Remind him that he has homework in Microbiology, too. Nope. Wait. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.
  • The kettle’s going off! I need to make my coffee!
  • I REALLY need to get going on knitting those scarves for our Sigma Tau Delta “Knit and Lit” fundraiser.

Wow. Taking a Sunday afternoon nap with Murph sure looks appealing.

Ok, enough.  I need to reign this in and get back to homework, or I’ll regret it this week. Wait…I think I just heard the dryer bell…