Did you know that when you type anything today, from papers and letters to emails and blog posts, that you are not supposed to double space between sentences anymore? I didn’t. Of course I learned to type on an IBM typewriter in high school about a hundred years ago. We thought we were lucky because they were electric and had a return key instead of that silver bar thingy you had to slide to start a new line. I’m talking two pieces of typing paper with a piece of carbon in between. “A space, 1 space, S space, 2 space…” A lot of good it did me…I can still only type with two fingers and a thumb, and texting has brought me even lower to just two thumbs. But at least they’re opposable, and I am fast! I hope I live long enough for the technology that just reads my mind and puts it all on the screen, correct spacing and all. {Sigh!} You don’t even want to know how many times I had to go back and correct the spacing on this post. A lovely friend, another non-traditional student, clued me in to my “spacey” issues. Thanks, Barb. You can follow her here. Perhaps she can fix your keying problems too. And any advice freely given by you will gladly be accepted by me. Maybe together we can drag me into the 21st century. There’s always hope, right? I have to go practice now… “A space, 1 space, S space, 2 space…”